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You ever sit back and wonder what our culture is missing?

Well, I have and what's missing is knowledge of our history. As much as we have contributed to this country both economically and culturally, we have always been sorely under-represented.... our accomplishments often undervalued and even credited to others. Our true history and culture are not taught in schools. Some stories here and there, but not enough to really know it.

 That is how Enlightened MelaNation was born. Fashion-forward, culturally and historically accurate clothing, Enlightened MelaNation serves as a call to unity and a beacon of pride in our rich heritage from the uniqueness of being African-American to our roots in the Motherland.

Take a look around. We need each other now more than ever. So, support a black owned business today and help Enlightened MelaNation put the "UNITY" back in "commUNITY". Make a purchase from our store at

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